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lydia || 15 || ♀ ||

the thing about 2013 is that, those three days aside, i really genuinely wanted to die

(if you actually enjoy seeing my art you should probably follow my art blog or instagram because this account is basically dead.)

tumblr || art blog || instagram || disney create



rush <> nan <> lauryn

aero || sliver || maddie || plastic
tumy || emmy || pei || rei || maggie


and this is nan's section that lydia doesn't own because nan does 100% sure i am a doctor trust me i know this stuff
do you really


hi, i'm adrienne, i'm fifteen and i like strawberries, purple bears, cds, and switchfoot. i live 6,425 miles from my best friend, but it's totally okay, because she's worth the distance!! my best friend is named lydia anne, and you're probably on her page right this moment :^O

i met lydia first on this STUPID kids website called disney create, but we weren't actually actively communicating, but i met her again on my thirteenth birthday, and suffice to say, she's the best birthday gift i've ever received, ever. a lot's gone down since then, and we've had our ups and downs, but here she is, she's stuck with me for this long, and i'm sO lucky she has. i mean, if i had to deal with all the stuff she had to deal with concerning me, i'd have definitely ditched myself somewhere in these two years. but she didn't, and i'm so unmistakably glad she hasn't. to this day, we still fit in skype conversations and arrangement-making and cosplans, and she /still/ puts up with my requests for toblerones ([yn] gET ME A TOBLERONE).

i met her agAIN (we've met a lot of times) in real life at a convention last year, and it was the greatest. the weekend of 5-23 was the best i've ever experienced, and though we can't poke each other with unnecessary force with hermione granger wands or freak out when passing alleys like we did that weekend, i still feel just as close to lydia as i did then. the relationship we have and we've built over all this time is special to me, and i've never been able to replicate it with anyone, and i'll never try to, because lydia in herself is just as important to me as the friendship in itself, and distance, we've surely been able to show, stands not a chance against us.

the pacific is stupid, but so am i. so is lydia's taste in doctors (v bad 0/10 would not recommend)

i've heard lydia say countless times that she's not as great as i put her up to be, that her nose is stupid, that she's stupid, that she'll never make it as far as others, all sorts of dumb rubbish that i know isn't true. lydia is one of the most caring, wonderful, beautiful, sweet and wonderful and anything /less/ than amazing could never label her in a million years, because /she/ is lydia, and i love her so much i can't even stand it. platonic relationships can i get a hell yeah

she's been there for me in my ruts. she's been up with me in my times of greatness. and i can't thank her enough for it.

we won't always be this far away from each other. there'll come the day when we move to canada together with katherine (our awesome and incredible robot-mother-child-moirail, who'll be adopting us) and hopefully be something other than unemployed.

i love lydia and i hope that she'll stick with me though the rest of our struggles too.

have a song that describes our relationship or something cheesy like that

i may as well make a mix tape or whatever jesus christ

her page is weird so it doesn't like the small music player


oh but ten's the best doctor don't listen to her on that one

haha no nine's the best nan doesn't know what she's talking about
i mean what bye

excuse me i think not
ten wins everything so no ten is best

shush nan we all know nine is best

lydia are we literally doing this
lydia are you kidding me this is my box i officially announce this my zone on your page ten is king here
ten wins okay

nan i own this box is says so up there
nine is best the end

lydia come on we all know ten's the winner or everything
wait this argument is longer than the serious text wow that's sad
but ten tho

who said anything about being sober

lydia what
okay ten wins he's the best nonetheless okay

ding dong you are wrong

this is absolutely ridiculous
ugh fine
ravioli ravioli your opinion is wrongioli
ten is the best

your face is ridiculous
also ding dong you are still wrong

pfft i know my face is ridiculous do you think i don't know that
also ravioli ravioli your opinion is still wrongoli

shh your face is perfect
perfect just like nine who is also the best doctor

that would make sense because my face is not perfect
unlike ten who is

well played
but no nine is still best

yes i consider myself impressive in that matter
but aha no ten is superior and he will always be best


yeah kind of

not really
i bet adam's favorite doctor is nine
and matthew's

pfft adam has better tastes than that
you did not just use matthew against me

actually yeah i did

but why would you do that to me lydia i
oh and i think i might've found a way for you to see him let me look
but ten's best okay

because nine
oh wow really
okay i'll talk to you about that later
but no you're still wrong nine is best

no because ten get your facts straight
okay sounds good i'll make a join me or something
but aha no your opinion is invalid ten wins everything
also i made a thing for your webcam and set it for you do you not love it


don't you love it
don't lie you love it a lot
and the best part is that it's accurate

well no actually i don't love it
i'm just too lazy to change it
that and i honestly can't remember what my webcam was before

you love it silly don't lie
everyone loves ten
ten is best

considering it's been two days and you haven't responded i think i won


well it's not like you responded

i'm just
i'm too tired to argue and i'm sick and ugh fuck it you win ten's the best
but nine is at least a close second


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nannnnn 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
i miss you a lot
nannnnn Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
john barrowman is coming to phoenix comicon again
(1 Reply)
nannnnn Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
how far are you into dangan ronpa
nannnnn Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
also i forgot to say on the fourth

happy two years
nannnnn Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
my mom says that if you want to come for a couple of weeks around phoenix comicon and just go to that and spend the rest of the time around it doing normal friend things we can do that if you want
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