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a stuffed rabbit
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[ lydia .: sixteen .: female .: gay tbh ]

fuck im so sorry

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rush <> nan <> lauryn

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and this is nan's section that lydia doesn't own because
nan does 100% sure i am a doctor trust me i know this stuff

do you really


hi i'm adrienne, it's one in the morning and i rewrite this far too often.

lydia, who, if you didn't know, is the person behind this account (most of the time), has been my overall best friend for the past?? i think it's been two and a half years of my life. coincidentally, the past two and a half years of my life have also been the best two and a half years i've experienced thus far, and even though we've only gotten to spend four days together in total in actual real life, i also think that it's mostly due to lydia. sort of a funky thought, huh.

so basically, what i'm trying to say is that lydia's like my universal constant, yknow?? sort of like a rock. like peter to the church and stuff or the sun to the galaxy. i'm the church, i'm the galaxy, and she's the sun- absolutely stunning, but also a little harsh on the eyes bc tbh she sucks a lot bc shes a huge loser (NO T E: I K ID)

sometimes, my parents'll ask me, "so how's your best friend doing", and i'll say that she's doing fine but she still hasn't left guam, to which they've never failed to correct me in their thinking that my best friend had ought to be someone i see more often physically, more rather than over the internet- to which i'd respond (not out loud, of course) that this opinion is absolute bull and should be thought over a second time- because lydia anne means more to me than any other person on this whole planet through, more than the people i see everyday, more than the people i see once a week. i love her so much and i just wish more people would understand that, because for someone i've seen for four days in total in my entire life, she's done a whole hell of a lot more and had so much more of an impact on helping me become who i am and becoming the strong and sarcastic idiot i am now than just about anyone in the world- and that means so much to me. and i just hope she knows that, because i don't stay up until five am waiting for just anyone. lydia's so much more than just anyone. lydia's my best mate, my best friend, my saving grace, and i owe her so much more than i think she could ever know.

i like to think sometimes that she feels the same. am i making sense?? i think i really start losing my train of thought around eleven. sincerest apologies.

and so, i count the days until she comes back to the mainland, i hang the pictures from those four days up on my walls, i keep moving on in my life- but no matter how much moving on i do, i pray to god that lydia is one of those things i never do move on from, because heaven knows where i'd be without lydia in my life. she's so important to me, so, so, so, so sosososso oso so important to me and i love her so much.

if there's anything else i pray to god for, might i add, it's that she knows that.

so one day, when i have an electric viola and can see her whenever the hell i want and the world has moved on from little things like homestuck and frozen and html coding, and the term "moirail" has gone out of style, i don't think i'll be quite over any of these things, and i absolutely don't think that i'll be over lydia.

so, uh, yeah. i have a whole lot of super lame and cheesy songs that i use to describe our relationship, but i feel like this one has been our constant, you know?? maybe i'll make a mix tape or something and send it out to her for her birthday. is that even legal though

i hope you have a nice day. i like that shirt you're wearing by the way.

((and here's that thing))

lmao but seriously her opinion on doctors SUCKS and she has a sucky taste in music too

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